ASHTANGA | Practice

Tips for Practice

Arrive a few minutes early to class. Enter the yoga room quietly and use this time for a few moments of meditation or gentle stretching or warm ups. If you arrive late, find a place at the back of the room unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Mysore class begins when you start. However, once the opening chant has been chanted, please start your practice.

For a led class, never enter or leave during meditation or savasana. If you must leave during class, please do so quietly.
For Mysore class, enjoy your savasana or 'take rest' time. Please observe silence when leaving the classroom.

Practice on an empty stomach. We recommend that you wait at lease three hours after eating before practicing yoga. If absolutely necessary, have juice or very light food. We recommend that you refrain from sipping water in order to maintain the internal heat you are creating. Drink plenty of pure water after class.

Alert the teacher to any injuries prior to class starting. This will help the teacher know how to adjust you or give you a modified pose if necessary. It's for your safety and the longevity of your practice.

Please leave all cell phones (on silent mode) outside the asana room. This is for your own sake as well as those around you. If you bring your phone into class, inevitably the day will come that you forget to turn it off.